Creatives in Tech Panel feat. Aubrey Johnson, Josh Hemsley, and Joel Beukelman

August 7, 2016 - 1 minute read

The Cove at UCI hosted us for our first ever panel discussion format at Connecting Things. Our topic was “Creatives in Tech: Tech Outside of Silicon Valley”, and our amazingly talented panel featured Josh Hemsley (Head of Creative at ), Joel Beukelman (Designer formerly on Android , now Director of Design at Design, Inc. ), and Aubrey Johnson (Freelance design, development (iOS) & product). Our moderator was Amy Hood of Hoodzpah Design Co. During the panel we discussed the pros and cons of designing for product and startups outside of San Francisco, the latest big rebrands (like AirBnB and Uber), as well as how to get VCs to take notice, and the future of UI, UX and VR. Watch the whole video for some great insight and great laughs (Aubrey gets done praising Coca Cola as an evergreen brand compared to Pepsi’s ever-changing brand image, and then an audience member reveals himself as a former head of marketing at Pepsi). It was a fun and interesting panel to be sure! Tweet your favorites moments at us!

Follow our panel speakers to continue the conversation:

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Huge thanks to our sponsors, for helping us make this an awesome event:

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