Jeff Yokoyama of Yoki Shop on Setting Trends

October 31, 2017 - 2 minutes read

A renowned designer and maker both locally, in California, and internationally all the way to Japan – Jeff “Yoki” Yokohama has a wealthof stories and insights to share from his many businesses. He was the founder/owner/designer of Maui & Son’s, Pirate Surf, Generic Youth, and Modern Amusement (which he sold to Mossimo). He also served as a designer for Stussy from 1992 to 1994. Now he’s founder, owner, designer of Pidgin Orange, Yoki’s GARDEN (Gather Abundance Repurpose Demonstrate Ethos Now); and YokiShop. Yoki’s ethos revolves around designing apparel from existing products and materials that are being discarded in the market. For example, he’ll repurpose and redesign college football uniforms, military jackets, vintage Levi’s. ” I design from left-over fabrics found in downtown LA and from old beach towels and sweatshirts that are being discarded at the local Goodwill. I thought, ‘How could I do this and make a difference?’ Landfills don’t just affect me, or you, they affect everyone. By “making different, ” we make clothes daily, locally at Yokishop in Newport Beach, California. By “selling different, ” we sell daily and directly to the end-user.”

Yoki talks about his career in apparel and retail, and his sustainable brand Yoki’s GARDEN and HIS retail space Yoki Shop. Yoki is interviewed by our own Kohl Crecelius (co-founder of Connecting Things, and co-founder/CEO of Krochet Kids)

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