Dane Sanders, Founder of GoBeCollective.com

November 9, 2015 - 1 minute read

This November we welcomed Dane Sanders, founder of GoBeCollective.com, to speak to us about “the foolproof way for any creative to be a baller at business.” In an impressive 25 minute talk, Dane shared how he has made it his life mission to give creative entrepreneurs what they need to flourish in business and life. He is more than qualified to inspire and motivate with his background in leadership and character development. As well as this, his experience writing books about success as a creative, gave him the knowledge that enabled him to create GoBe Collective, which then flourished into a conference, podcast, and a business coaching program. So listen up be and find out how “being the owner of your business is all about attitude. Find your unfair advantage over the rest…”

GoBe Collective Online:
Website: www.gobecollective.com
Upcoming 2016 GO Summit Conference: www.convergesummit.com
Podcast: Converge: The Business of Creativity
Business Coaching Program: Fastermind Coaching

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